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Where There's a Will Milly has felt alone since her father went missing in the Irish Civil War. Now ten years later she is forced to flee her home and journey to Liverpool. Taken in by distance relatives, she is reunited with her paternal grandmother. As Milly tries to build a new life she is haunted by her father’s disappearance. When her mother seeks to remarry, assuming he is dead, Milly’s need to find her father, becomes greater than ever. If she doesn’t, her life risks being ruined once more…

Out on 21st November 2019

Shadows of the Past A tragic death brings good fortune to an orphaned child – but at what cost? Liverpool, 1928. Fifteen-year-old Annie Anderson was adopted by Sylvia and Hugh after the death of their own daughter. Annie is told that her own mother in childbirth and her father died before she was born. A chance encounter introduces Annie to local lad Andrew Fraser. Their friendship blossoms, but once Annie’s adoptive parents learn of it they forbid her from seeing him. When Annie asks why, it sets her on a path to discover more about her origins – but will what she learns bring heartache or joy? Don’t miss this rich and vivid saga by one of Liverpool’s best-known novelists.

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1961. Nineteen-year-old Lucia Brookes and her five younger siblings are facing their first Christmas alone since their parents were killed in a car crash. Once, Lucia had dreamed of meeting a man who would love, cherish and provide for her. Now she has lost hope because what man would want to take her on with all her responsibilities?

Everything changes when Tim Murphy enters the Liverpool coffee bar where Lucia works, looking for a room to rent. Although she knows of Tim’s troubled past and his recent spell in prison, Lucia can’t help being charmed by the lovable rogue. Ignoring the warnings from her family and friends, she accepts Tim’s offer of a date. But has Tim really changed his ways … and will his shady past catch up with him?

Will be published in hardback by Severn House 30th March 2017




Having grown up in a convent after the death of her mother, Lizzie Knight has never known what it’s like to have a real family. So when a strange woman turns up with promises of a new life in Liverpool, she is thrilled.

Warm-hearted and kind, Phyl is everything she wants in a stepmother. But then Lizzie falls in love with the one man who should have been out of bounds. Should she follow her heart and risk losing it all?

Originally published as Going Home to Liverpool now reissued in paperback and ebook by Ebury Press on 23th March 2017




Will she get another chance at happiness?


Flora Cooke is struggling to raise her children alone amidst the ruins of war-torn Liverpool. With her husband, Tom, away fighting in the Second World War, she has only her unreliable sister to help her and she has almost given up hope. She is completely devastated when Tom is reported missing, presumed dead.




Out 26th November 2020 (eBook)

For Better, For Worse With war on the horizon, can she find peace? Grace and Dougie have been courting for years, so when Dougie decides to emigrate to Australia he expects Grace to follow once she turns twenty-one. Grace used to be besotted with the handsome man, but she is increasingly worried by his bullying behaviour and gambling. On her way home from seeing Dougie off at the docks, Grace is nearly run down by a truck driven by widower Ben, who is on his way to the hospital to see his young son. Soon, Grace has agreed to look after Ben’s child while he recovers from his accident. As they spend time together Ben struggles to ignore his growing feelings for Grace. But Dougie is determined not to let Grace go and when war breaks out he returns to England. With her old flame to contend with, never mind the relentless German bombers, will ever Grace find peace and love?

Many A Tear Has To Fall' In 1959, Maggie Gregory, 19, is on top of the world; she has a flourishing modeling career and a sexy sailor boyfriend. But soon this golden life is gone. With her career in shambles and her heart broken, she is completely distraught. Maggie doesn’t know where her life is going, so she heads back home to Liverpool to try to figure it out. She feels restored by the comfort of being with her family, and then someone new walks into her life. Charming Tim Murphy is very hard to resist, but as things heat up between them, and Maggie’s emotions run wild, she can’t help but wonder whether she is jumping back in love too quickly. But maybe, just maybe, this relationship won’t go painfully wrong. With a fascinating setting, a cast full of interesting characters, and a plot contrasting close family ties with dire secrets, Francis (Love Letters in the Sand, 2015) does it again in her latest romance, offering readers suspense, love, and, most of all, hope.


The story navigates through secrets both hidden and revealed, and ends in a satisfyingly tied-up romance … Will appeal to nostalgic readers interested in the 1950s”

Library Journal on Love Letters in the Sand


'Few people have the talent to bring the 1950s to life in quite the spectacular way that June Francis does'.  Books Monthly on It Had to be You.


'Fans of light historical fiction will enjoy this novel as Francis effectively captures post-war Liverpool'. Booklist on It’s Now or Never


'Americans raised on Happy Days will find a fresh perspective on the 1950s, courtesy of Francis’ latest novel'.  Booklist on Memories are Made of This.